The story behind the belt manufacturing

Men's plus belts
Men’s plus belts
7th September 2017

The story behind the belt manufacturing

At Silin belt, we are constantly inspired by the people we work with.

Each client is coming from a unique place, and often, each customers and goal is unique.

Not too long ago, David from Spain approached us. He’s taken the time to peruse our factory. He wanted to know why everyone seems so immersed in their work. In his opinion, manufacturing work seemed a little boring.

When we heard this, it made us happy – but in the best way. We communicate with our employees on a regular basis.

Mr. Lin, however, had a story to share.

He had over 10 years of experience with belt making. His tools were like old friends, and each time he sat down to work, his wealth of talent and effort flowed effortlessly through his body and into his craft.

In the factory environment, Mr. Lin was surrounded by all kinds of tools and materials he was intimately familiar with. This made work a pleasure for him, as he felt liberated.

Then, after work, he went for a walk with his wife – as they usually did. Their children attend school in the same city. They work hard and exude the same quality ethics and morals that Mr. Lin and his wife hold dear in their hearts.

Together, as a family, they work hard to achieve their dreams.

It’s people like Mr. Lin, and his family, that constantly inspire us to do what we do best – which is serve our employees and clients with the highest level of care.

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