How to Judge Full Grain Leather and Split Leather Belt?

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18th August 2016
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7th September 2017

How to Judge Full Grain Leather and Split Leather Belt?

How to Judge Full Grain Leather and Split Leather Belt?

Why Full Grain Leather Belt is much more expensive than Split ones?

Full Grain Leather Provides Full Support

The grain in the leather is the pattern or texture on its surface. All layers, including the top layer where the animal’s hair is removed, provide strength and durability. The surface has not been sanded or buffed. Consequently, Full Grain Leather is the highest quality leather grade in the industry.

Buffalo leather from the American Bison or the Chinese Water Buffalo, are supple and strong. The blemishes and scarring from the animal’s skin is enhanced with tanning to show the natural grain.

Top Grain Leather Provides a Uniform Texture

Top grain leather is when the scars and blemishes present on the animal’s skin are removed, either by buffing or scraping. The top layer is preserved and offers an unblemished surface coveted by fashion designers. The process preserves the grain, which allows the fiber strength and durability of the leather. It is a uniform “look” desired by high fashion experts.

Split Grain Reduces Durability

Split grain is when layers are peeled or buffed off to reveal the lower layers of hide. This is a cheaper way to achieve the top grain leather look, but it is not as strong as full grain or top grain leathers. This product is suitable for applications that do not require durability with average use and is cheaper due to its tanning processes.


The Silin Belt Company imports Full Grain leather from Brazil, Italy,and parts of China. The tanners are reputable and the quality of the leather is excellent.

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